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CSS stands for “Cascading Style Sheet”. It is used for formatting HTML pages on a website. The latest version is CSS3.

Previously, the layout of a website was included in the HTML code of each web page. Every adjustment therefore took a lot of time. With CSS you can alter the layout of your site from a single file. Do you want to change something? Then you do that in that one file and all your pages change. This means you need less code, which also makes your website load faster.

What are other benefits of CSS3?

CSS3 is supported by all browsers. As a result, your pages will look the same everywhere.

Because you use one style sheet for the design of your site, your pages use among others the same font for headers and other text. That all looks much more professional.

CSS3 allows the placement of page elements to be extreemly accurate. One pixel to the left or right? No problem. So you have a lot of control over this.

The HTML of your website is easier to read, also for search engines. That is good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Because search engines understand your pages better, they end up higher in search results.

What are the new possibilities of CSS3? 

With this latest version you have the option to add: beautiful rounded corners, shadows, gradients and even animations. Those animations can be compared with Flash that was used in the past. You only don’t need plugins now. The animations work in every browser on your mobile as well as on your laptop or tablet. Examples are: animated buttons, falling snow, moving backgrounds, 3D effects and such.