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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


SEO company in Kathmandu that helps you get rankings, and traffic for you

With the right SEO service, you can create better engagement of your website and increase traffic across various digital platforms and rank higher on search engines. Good search rankings are the best way to get more visitors, leads and potential customers. We as a SEO company in Kathmandu will help rank your website, increase traffic and online presence.

The size of your business does not matter, thus good SEO practice is essential for every business. The key advantage of the right SEO service in Nepal is that they will minimize your marketing cost and boost traffic.


What is SEO in Nepal?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process to generate organic traffic by improving the visibility of your website. SEO techniques involve arranging a website’s content and structure, to make the website rank higher for relevant searches on search engines such as Google, Bing, etc.

SEO is the practice of developing and curating your website & content to increase brand’s visibility. The process is continuous and requires a brand to stay updated with technology changes, google algorithm trends. The higher your website is ranked in search pages for relevant searches, the higher the chance for your potential customer to see your website. SEO helps to target your customers, make your website more visible to them and attract them to your business.



Why you should invest in SEO service in Nepal?


Around 90% of all online experience begin with a search-on-search engine. Google is the most visited website in Nepal. Approximately 63,000 of search query is performed on Google every second.

  • Increase your website traffic reach and improve the demand for your products.
  • Develop long term strategy customized to your needs and business objectives.
  • In depth analysis of technical operations, user behavior and competitor analysis.

To Increase organic traffic

Organic traffic is the visitors you get on your website from search engine results that are no ads or sponsored. Organic traffic is considered important because it helps to attract your target audience and grow your business. Optimizing your site’s SEO will help the site to rank higher and increase organic traffic.

To improve the ranking on search engine website

Most people when searching for something on a search engine, do not visit the second page and they mostly browse through the top links of their search results.  So it is essential for your site to rank higher on the search page for relevant queries.

Using SEO techniques helps your website rank higher on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

To improve website visibility

Optimizing your website will help you rank higher on the search engine result pages (SERPs). This increases your website visibility to potential customers. The more your website is visible on revenant result pages the more traffic your site generates.

To generate leads

SEO techniques help you rank higher on search results and make your site more visible to your potential customers. The organic traffic you generate due to SEO is actively looking for the service you provide, so the people can turn into leads and even your clients with minimal effort.

To improve branding

If your website or brand is always shown or ranked higher when searching for relevant information, your potential clients will take notice which in turn creates brand awareness among people.

They associate your brand with the solution they are looking for, SEO also helps to make the user experience better as it helps to optimize the website for better performance. The website is fast and has relevant content which will improve the brand image.


How SEO can help Business in Nepal?

Boost the organic traffic to your website right SEO strategy helps you increase more organic traffic and put ahead of your competitor on search engine. Enhance user experience SEO process makes your website more user friendly and improves user behavior. Better online visibility helps in better branding and high company profile.



What type of business need SEO service in Nepal?


Organizations that need marketing require SEO to increase their reach and build their brand reputation online. From website design and development in Nepal, you can find the perfect solution for your company in every industry. SEO plays a major role in digital world. For instance, if someone is looking to buy electronic appliances online and your website sells flowers, then visiting your website will be of no use. That is why SEO is important to help target audience and increase the quantity of organic traffic.

Some of the business industries that needs SEO service in Nepal includes:

  • Real estate
  • Tour and Travel industry
  • Restaurants
  • Online Business
  • Professional services
  • Education Consultancy


Do small businesses need SEO service in Nepal?


SEO service in Nepal for small business can help grow faster at low investment. SEO enables you to increase organic website traffic through search engines. For small business, local SEO is a strategy that helps your business more visible in local search results. Any business that has physical location or store can get huge benefit from local SEO.

  • “Near me” type searches grew by more than 900% over two years, chatmeter shows.
  • 97% of people learn more about a local small business online, as per SEO Tribunal.
  • Cost-efficient marketing
  • Increase visibility and awareness for your brand
  • Improve trust and authority
  • Better user experience
  • Stand out from competitors



Our SEO processes

We follow steps to provide SEO service in Nepal:

Website Audit

Keyword Analysis

On page and off page optimization

Content Audit

Backlink Audit

Competitor Analysis


How will you improve our SEO rankings?

With increasing online presence more business becoming online, there is competition increasing. When you choose Podamibe as SEO company in Kathmandu, we will create custom SEO campaigns that include the following strategies.


Website Audit with UI & UX

Website content Audit

Content SEO audit

Competitor SEO Audit

Keyword Research

Website Speed Optimization



Some of the facts about SEO:

It takes time to get first page ranking.

Take lots of content marketing

Difficult to get natural backlink

Ranking Fluctuation

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