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In 2010, Steve Jobs published a letter stating that Flash was no longer necessary. Flash had too many security risks and Steve preferred HTML5. Then YouTube, Amazon, Chrome and others also switched to HTML5. The end of Flash and HTML5 became the new standard.

What is HTML5?

In fact HTML5 is three kinds of code:

  • HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the code that describes web pages. A browser or application will convert this code into something that a user can view and it also offers some basic interaction options.
  • CSS is responsible for the (beautiful) design of a page.
  • JavaScript makes it all very interactive enabling you to do a variety of things.

What are the advantages of HTML5?

HTML5 is very versatile. You can show videos, create animations and very complex applications and games that work in your browser. For all this you don’t need any additional software or browser plugins.

Videos and audio files are played directly in your browser, so less code is needed and pages load much faster.

It is cross-platform and responsive. This means that it will function on every device, from a smartphone to notebook, and the design will adapt to the screen size. The browser of your device must of course support HTML5. That is usually the case.

Do you have to pay for HTML5? No, it’s free.

Banner ads

In 2016, Google decided to stop showing Flash ads. They were too slow and had the aforementioned security risks. Advertisements are now HTML5 banners that load much faster.

These banners can be used to promote parts on your own site or of course to promote your website in other places.