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Podamibe Nepal is a software company, which provides all the IT-related services to its customers as per their requirements. An IT service not only refers to the development and designing of web applications, but it also refers to the utilization of technologies, development of software applications and most importantly providing support and maintenance. Providing an efficient IT solution means freeing customers or clients from installing complex applications, issues of operating themselves, and 24/7 support.

IT Services in Nepal

It services can be any services relating to the List of IT Services provided in Nepal are:

Software Services

Software Service means the development and maintenance of software applications that can be fully operated by the provider and consumer. The software application includes Mobile applications, Web Applications, and Desktop applications; these applications serve the same purpose using the different operational platforms. Software as a Service (SaaS), also known as on-demand software is a software delivery model for licensed and hosted software. SaaS is one of the most used terminologies in the software industry. SaaS apps are mostly web-based applications that users access using a browser. Today’s business typically uses SaaS as the delivery model for many applications like Office software, Payroll Software, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Management Information System (MIS), Database, Geographical Information System (GIS), Image Processing and much more in a wide range.

Data Storage

Data Storage refers to the process of storing data in a storage device or any medium. Storages medium includes hard drives, magnetic tapes, etc. You can also store the data files and objects in either a database or cloud storage such as Google Drive, Servers, and Data Hubs. Types of data are electronic data, digital data, media, signals, and much more. In short, everything you see or feel is data and it can in multiple forms. Data security is most important for any individual or an organization. Data storage service measures the data security level.

Mobile Platform

A mobile platform is an environment for developing and operating mobile services. Mobile service includes the development of mobile applications, deployment of applications to its distributors, maintenance in case of errors, and fixing compatibility issues.

Business Automation

An Automation platform offers different businesses services of digital marketing, SEO leads, conversions, and automation of marketing services. Business automation is an essential part of growing a business. Podamibe Nepal offers various business automation services to automate your business efficiently.

Content Management

Proper Management and update of web content is a crucial part of a website. Better the content and information better the chances of increasing users. We offer content management tools that will help you to organize and share your content, documents and rewrite your content without any plagiarism and grammar mistakes.

Network Setup

Network Setup service is one of the most popular services in Nepal. IT Companies offer network setup services to its customer.

Network Security

Network security is a major concern for any business. Therefore, evaluating and responding to potential threats is a popular service for a lot of IT businesses in Nepal.

Cloud Computing

A Cloud computing service is a type of service that is delivered over the internet or a dedicated cloud network. Cloud computing services have several attributes like virtualization, multi-tenancy, network access, on-demand, elastic, metering/chargeback.

Database Management

Most software companies use the cloud-based database as an alternative IT service. However, aside from that, a database system of any software needs to be maintained and monitored regularly for any errors and issues. Database corruption can lose the data and probably crash the whole system.

From the collection of requirements to IT infrastructure strategy, we, at Podamibe Nepal offer a full range of consultancy and IT services and supports for your project.

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