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What is Social Media Marketing in Nepal ?

The usage of social media in Nepal has raised in few decades and increasing rapidly. As of January 2019, Nepal’s digital population amounted to approximately 10 million active users, reports a Statista survey. This figure categorizes as internet market and social media is dominating mobile internet users. With the increasing number of social media users, online marketing is also penetrating. We believe that social media marketing in Nepal is also necessary for a company to spread its brand presence online. What does it mean for your business?

The usage of social media is immense and increasing in every new form. There will not be any person who is not aware of social media. People spend an average of 2 hours on social media platform on their daily basis. Today, more than ever, social media has become a channel between your customer and your business. To cope up with new type of digital buyers, every brand must have customized marketing, promotion, collaboration and engagement strategies to label the issues and queries of clients.


Is social media marketing effective in Nepal?

According to Data reportal, the number of internet users has increased by 5.5%  in between 2020 and 2021 along with the rate of people using social media is increasing by 18% and still growing in 2022. As a result, social media marketing in Nepal has become a more effective platform for promoting brands, it provides measurable outcomes and better brand awareness at a faster pace.


Myth of social media marketing in Nepal

In Nepal Facebook post boosting is considered as social media marketing, which is a common myth and wrong. There’s more than that besides boosting, that includes researching & setting up audience, generating content strategy, storytelling, building relation with customers, creating different campaigns, social media ads and Re-targeting.


Which social media is mostly used in Nepal?

Reports of datareportal says until January 2021, the number of social media users in Nepal is equivalent to 44.2% of total population of Nepal, that makes up 13 million in number.

According to study, among all social media users in Nepal around 83.2% uses Facebook, 8.69% uses Twitter and 3.27% uses YouTube. However, social media platform like Tiktok is gaining more popularity nowadays among social media users in Nepal.


What is the benefit of social media marketing in Nepal?

Social media marketing aims to meet the needs of target audience and consumer of brands. It can work for all types of business in any industry. It offers numerous benefits and increases brand awareness, establish customer relation and increase customer retention.

Below is the list of social media marketing benefits for one company:

Increase company brand reputation

Improve Brand Awareness

Cost effective marketing

Better audience targeting

Better Conversion

Direct customer interaction

Improve customer service

Tell Brand Story

Track and Measure Loyalty


What does Podamibe provide in social media marketing?  

Our social media marketing strategies is beyond just posting. We build a vibrant presence across social media platforms to captivate the right audience.


We listen to customers and develop an understanding of consumers, users interest on social media.


We work exclusively with brands to understand their objectives, build a captivating brand story and create customized solutions


We create brand stories to narrate story among existing and new customer for maximum reach and engagement.


We continuously track results of campaigns on various platforms, we optimize campaigns in real-time for optimal performance.


It is unbelievable how social media has evolved traditional marketing to digital on its head with its massive popularity. As a social media marketing company, we believe that the current social media spread which consists Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and many more has revolutionized the form of communication and engagement. We offer the below SMM services:

Social Media strategy

Facebook/LinkedIn Page Management

Online Reputation Management

Social Media Advertising

Facebook boosting

Creative Graphics and video promotion

Engaging Content


How social media marketing is growing in Nepal?

The growing number of internet users is increasing social media users in Nepal.  Social Media marketing is being considered as an effective solution to promote products and services on low budget in Nepal.

With the rise of internet penetration, growing is the number of mobile users and social media users in Nepal. According to different media, Facebook is high usage social media in Nepal with increase of other sites like Instagram, YouTube. As of now Tiktok is gaining more popularity among various users. This shows that digital trend in Nepal is increasing and has a large scope with immense grow in Nepal.


Different social media platform for marketing in Nepal

The different types of social media marketing include content sharing on different social media platform. It is the most cost-effective form of marketing and gives broad reach in short period. At present here is the list of different social media platform for marketing in Nepal:


Study shows that approximately 83.2% of people uses Facebook among all social media users in Nepal. This makes Facebook among most popular social media marketing platform in Nepal. Facebook Marketing became the most cost-effective marketing, reliable and easy to manage to help with.



With increasing number of active users, Instagram is used for photo sharing and is more suitable for travel companies, lifestyle brands for visual content. Instagram allows to integrate their product catalogs and promote products and established itself as an e-commerce familiar social network.



LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals. LinkedIn is generally the platform for corporate clients, B2B and small to medium-sized companies for lead generation. It can help a business establish a trust, brand authority and to connect with each other for professional knowledge.



Twitter is a micro-blogging site to connect with the world through tweets. This platform is for news announcement, company important news. Twitter users falls among the age of 50 and not so popular among Nepalese. However, brand image can be boosted with conversation and posts can be targeted.



YouTube is one of the best video sharing platforms and second largest search engine in the world after Google. YouTube marketing includes entertaining and informative videos to enhance engagement and awareness.



Tiktok is now popular platform and increasing among Nepalese audiences. When we talk about Tiktok marketing in Nepal, it is best suited for brand prioritize collaboration with influencers.



How much will it cost to do social media marketing in Nepal?

The cost for social media marketing in Nepal depends on various factors such as target industry, objectives and number of posts. Podamibe offers a customized Social media marketing service as per individual requirement.


How will social media marketing promote my business?

Social media can easily get your business among potential customers in-front of new and existing customers online. It enhances customer relations and circulate information easily.

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