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WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world. You can easily build a website with it, even if you don’t have programming knowledge.

What is a CMS?

A CMS has a dashboard that allows you to design and maintain a website. Important here is that the content (text and also images or videos) and your design remain separate. This allows you to quickly change the style of your site without having to change the content.

Via the CMS you also keep that style of your site the same everywhere, regardless of the content.

Who uses WordPress?

Initially, WordPress was only intended for bloggers. This is no longer the case. More than 75% of all sites with a content management system use WordPress. This includes large companies such as CNN, eBay, Mashable, TechCrunch, The New York Times and many others.

How do you get started with WordPress yourself?

After you have created an account, you have the basis for your site. Now you have to make a number of choices.

Find and select a theme (WordPress template), that is the design of your site. There are thousands of options, both free and paid themes.

Plug-ins are also important. A plug-in is a piece of software which you add to WordPress that offers an extra functionality. This can be a photo album, your Facebook feed on your site, a form etc. There are no less than 20,000 different plug-ins. We have also developed a couple of those plug-ins which you can use for free.

In addition to plug-ins that extend the functionality, there are also plug-ins that work behind the scenes. For example, some protect you against spammers and hackers or back up your site.

Why have your WordPress site built and maintained by Podamibe Nepal?

 Selecting a theme, adding plug-ins, customizing your theme to make it do exactly what you want and maintaining your site, is time-consuming. Even though WordPress is simple compared to other CMS’s, there is still a learning curve.

It’s all about setting priorities. Do you have time to build and maintain a site yourself, or would you rather spend that time doing other things?

Selecting a theme that suits your company is what you can leave up to Podamibe Nepal. We have much experience in this field.

Often your WordPress template doesn’t do exactly what you have in mind, or you want to display parts in a different way. Then too a programmer can make it exactly the way you want. We can customize the original WordPress template with code such as: jQuery, HTML5, AJAX and so on. This makes it a unique site that can deviate strongly from the original template if you wish.

With 20,000 plug-ins, selecting the best is often confusing. Some plug-ins are quite complicated and can be better handled by someone with experience in this area.

In addition, maintaining your site is something that you can leave to us. You then know for sure that everything will continue to work and is up to date.

How do we get started with you?

If you have a WordPress site built by us, we determine the design together with you. You tell us what style your site should have: e.g. a serious, business site in the colors blue and green or a colorful and cheerful site.

After this we install it all for you, add plug-ins, images and your text. Then you can make a choice:

Maintain the site yourself. We can give you some tips in this area.

Let it be maintained by us so that you can spend your time running your business. We make sure your site is up to date, we make daily backups, ensure that your website is protected against hackers and update your images, text and more when you send those to us.