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Website Development

Website Development in Nepal is simple yet complicated. It is important for any business today to have a website but designing and developing stunning websites that are responsive and easy to navigate is much i

IT Services

Podamibe Nepal is a software company in Nepal providing all industry related IT services. An IT service not only relates to development & designing of web & application. It refers to the utilization of

Database Management

Database management simply refers to managing data is a database. A Database is the back-end of any software system. It collects all the information used in the software system or application, after which you c

Application Development

Mobile App development in Nepal started taking its market since the first introduction of Android Smart Phones in late 2008. People still were unaware about any such mobile application & development process

Web & App Development in Nepal

We are Podamibe Nepal!

We are a multi-skilled software service provider providing services of web & App development in Nepal with a highly competent workforce having enough expertise in cross-platform skills and quality-integrated methodologies to achieve a competent global delivery model in providing value-based solutions as well as professional services to clients worldwide. With a client base that spans across multiple industries, we have accumulated a favorable list of clients in its focus market segments.

If you want your website to be available through the World Wide Web, you need help creating it. A website’s elevated design and professionalism can be achieved only when working with professional who know what they’re doing. Podamibe Nepal is one of the best web development company in Nepal who knows how to make use of modern tools & languages and provide services of web development, app development, web design, SEO, Digital Marketing including all IT related solutions & can be a part of the entire process from the beginning of your identity to the time you are well established and fully functional.


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We have been working with Podamibe since the beginning of the year and their work has been excellent. They have great communication and a high standard of work. I am looking to improving our relationship in the future.

I am emailing to say thank you for the wonderful service I have received from your company. I originally selected a website developer close to home (only 20 minutes drive away) to pull the site I had in mind together. However, their communication has been questionable to say the least which has led to delays in the site being ready to go live. In comparison, when you were recommended to carry out some customisations I required for my site which my own developer was not able to action, I was a little hesitant at first considering your location in relation to mine (from the UK to Nepal is a long way). However, I have been incredibly impressed by the speed of your response to my requests and the quality of your work. You have far exceeded my expectations and you are without doubt highly professional, thorough and helpful. Your work has been exceptional and was very reasonably priced for the time it has taken to carry out the changes. Thank you so much for your assistance with my site. I have no doubt I will know who to come to first in the future when I require any more work or assistance with my site.

I wanted to start this New Year off with a letter to my favorite website masters. It was an amazing experience last year working with your company. You listened to what my needs were, asked questions to better understand how you could help and then delivered. My problems were solved in a very time efficient manner. Each of my problems came with good suggestions on how to better accomplish what I wanted. It’s not easy knowing what you want when designing a website. Nikesh was my main contact and a great resource for all my needs. The work done was 1st class. It was done correct the first time and done within the time frame offered me. They always under promised and over delivered. I highly recommend Podamibe Nepal and Nikesh as masters in working with website problems and designs.

Good communication, good prices and the work you have done is just the way i wanted. You already delivered your work and then you ask for money, i think that’s the right way to work. I have some other experience with companies from India / Nepal and they were very “pushy”, they called me like 2 times in the week and they wanted money first. You did a great job and i am looking forward to send you more work.

Thank You for your work. We are satisfied with the results. The only issue is the response time (based on our time zone differences we assume). We would like to find a way for a cheaper payment method.

I would be happy to Rajendra! Recently I had the pleasure of working with Podamibe Nepal. I would firstly like to commend them on their professionalism and transparency on what they could deliver. If they said they could do a project, they could and would deliver on that promise. Internet transactions can be scary, especially across different countries. I am entirely confident in Podamibe and would implore anyone concerned with this factor, to not be. My payments were secure and easy to do, which made the entire process simple, in fact it was easier working with this team than my local website builders, and I’m in Australia! I highly recommend working with the team at Podamibe Nepal and am happy to confirm my recommendation at any time.

Podamibenepal.com is a outstanding firm. They were very attentive to our installation needs on a live production server and went above and beyond to test each feature of the install. I definitely recommend them for any development needs and will use them for upcoming projects in our pipeline!

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