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.NET (dot NET) is a framework or software tool that developers can use to build applications.

The framework can be used with different programming languages, for example C#, Visual Basic and F#. With the help of the .NET platform you can build websites as well as applications for many different systems and devices. It’s very versatile. Although it has been developed by Micosoft and therefore for Windows, you can also use it with Linux, iOS, Android and macOS.

A .NET developer creates websites, applications and interfaces that companies use internally and / or are intended for external users. It’s the job of the .NET developer to build, test, improve and maintain the application.


ASP.NET is a web application, part of the .NET framework, which is used to create dynamic web services, websites and web applications. The abbreviation ASP stands for Active Server Pages.

What can you do with ASP.NET? You often need only a few pages to build a website that can produce thousands of results, depending on the actions of the visitor. Examples are: access to a database via the web, a forum, managing cookies, dynamically presenting data (different for each visitor), processing the input of forms, searching your site and much more.

Thousands of users can use that same program.

Difference between ASP.NET and .NET

The difference between ASP.NET and .NET is that ASP.NET is meant to build web applications, while you can create web applications as well as desktop software with .NET.