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JQuery is a JavaScript library that allows you to easily create web effects with a few lines of programming code.

What can you do with jQuery?

With jQuery you can build interactive and dynamic sites and web apps. Many suprising effects that you see on websites are achieved using jQuery. Slide effects, animations, dropdown menus, photo galleries and much more. Your site immediately looks very unique and professional.

Advantages of jQuery

JQuery is the most used library on the web. The visitor of your site probably already has it in his memory. That means your pages load faster.

JQuery works in all browsers in the same way, so you can be sure that all your visitors see what you want.

The library also offers AJAX support, which allows communication with the web server. This makes all kinds of new functionalities possible.

Advantages compared to Flash

Flash is hardly ever used anymore. You may remember that Flash didn’t work on the iPad. JQuery has no problems with that.

Flash is and was also slow and consumed a lot of data. JQuery, on the other hand, is a lot faster and not much code is needed to generate many of the same effects.

Examples of jQuery on the web

Which website does not use jQuery nowadays? From the site of the White House, Google to Microsoft.