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What Nepalese designers are missing out while creating a Website?


Web Design in Nepal ‘A Broken Topic’

Web design in Nepal is one of the most trending topics. Everyone is trying to go online to promote their business, increase sales and profit. There are hundreds of web designing companies only here in Kathmandu. You can order a web design from even the smallest company & they will get one for you with ease. Not a big problem. But will they provide you with a most unique design with amazing graphics and visuals. A most creative design that is out of this world.

Is it that simple to get a design for your website that no one else has? No! would just be a simple answer. I would rather say

It’s Broken, Web Design in Nepal is Broken!!!

Everyone wants to make their website most beautiful and responsive. They don’t care about technology used but its cost. They want a design at as low a cost as possible. With all my experience I can say HTML & CSS the technologies we use to design websites are not even as good as compared to any GUI building system found on windows or mac.

The modern web isn’t a document building platform anymore it has become application building platform. Is it possible to create a creative design with all the features that would last a decade maybe till 2050’s with the tools created way back in 1990’s. It might but it’s not that easy now, is it? The most used web designing tools are HTML, CSS, JavaScript & jQuery. HTML is OK but then again it’s not even a valid XML, CSS is OK too but still hard to validate and JavaScript is just less than an amazing language.

The one reason front end developers have bad reputation is because their job seems to be easy but in reality, it very hard as toolkit and language is bad.

To compare web design in Nepal today with one’s 20 years back we will certainly find increase in versatility as there are more than enough improved tools, guides and supporting forums (like stack overflow). The quantities of learning materials back then were way less and designing & developing a web would actually take months to years.

Can web developers & designers call themselves programmers today?

Developers & Designers are not the way they used to be back then who would write their own code or do manual system testing. They develop a website and the rest are just replicas (or to be so). Designers are like designing hundreds of websites with the same tools, the same code with just a little bit of difference in design. They don’t even want to be creative and why should they as they are getting paid enough for the same code, they wrote the first time. Do these kinds of websites get enough visitors? certainly not. Reason! Do you prefer replica shoes or the branded ones?

There is a saying “Website without visitors is like a ship lost in the horizon.”

So, if you are a web designer or developer you should not just build websites, you should build websites that SELL.

What Features makes a perfect website or web design in Nepal?

First of all, no website is ever perfect. No matter how many features you add to it there will always be something missing out. So, instead of making it perfect one should focus on making it responsive & giving it the best look. A website should be at least encompassing the following features:

  • Mobile Friendly

You will be missing out on reaching tons of audiences if your website desktop friendly but not mobile-friendly. Mobile-friendly websites tend to attract more audience as compared to non-mobile-friendly websites.

  • Creative Design & Dynamic

Better the design, better the chances of acquiring more impressions. A web without creative design is like a painting of “Horse grazing the grass”. No one will buy it not because it’s bad but because you can’t reach out to people.

  • SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization plays the most important role out of all to get more traffic and increase your website ranking on search engines. Make sure your website follows the best practices of SEO.

  • Multi-lingual (If possible)

Make your website supportive to multiple languages to get international visitors from all around the world. This helps to get more revenue and increase sales.

  • Menus (Login, Blog, Contacts, Search)

Make sure to include important pages in the Menu for better and faster access to the contents. People are more interested to just search for the content as well. A search box is likely a must.

  • Multi-platform Compatibility

Your web application should be applicable to multiple platforms across the web. Building a web that runs only on one machine is not enough. An application should be compatible with almost every machine out there.

  • Logo

A branding logo is what makes your websites unique from others. What’s Apple without a Bitten Apple Logo? or what’s Nike without a Tick Sign?

  • Support

If you are not supporting your client on every problem and difficulty, you are not being professional. Support and service is the only thing you should be concerned about after your build a website successfully because error just might be on the way to knock on your door.

If you are eligible to just include the above features in any normal website, you are eligible to vote (I mean sell). At Podamibe, our team of creative and innovative designers and developers we build websites that actually sell, literally. Contact us right away for web development & web design in Nepal services and get your business to the vertex.

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