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Targeting users with specific IP addresses in Google Ads


Digital Marketing in Nepal has grown high in the past few years. Along with it, the competition among the companies, advertisers, agencies are also increasing. Digital Marketing techniques are changing with the changes in algorithms of Facebook, Google, and other digital mediums. This narrows down all to one – How to create a perfect digital marketing plan to grow your business? Well, it’s not that hard. With all the changes in recent Google AdWords like human interaction with Google’s AI and new discovery of Ad format and Ads, our work is somehow reduced and simplified. This still doesn’t mean you can be perfect in creating ads. However, now you can know what you actually want from a Google Ad and ROI (Return on Investment).

Targeting IP addresses

While IP address targeting is not much effective for a normal digital marketing plan, it can come in handy if your customers only use a specific IP. For example, if you believe your customer only uses Ncell as their primary ISP, it’s effective to target Ncell’s IP and exclude any other. This way you can prevent unwanted clicks and spend less on CPC advertisements. Google has given a lot of ways to optimize our campaign recently. Let’s get to it:-

Sign Up to Adwords and create a normal Ad of the required type (Search, Display, Video, App, and Shopping), Demographics, Audience, and Budget, etc.

Once you are in Google Ads Dashboard, Go to Campaign section in the right sidebar & select the campaign


Once you select the campaign you will see the ad groups and ads you created earlier

Now on the right sidebar, click settings

Go to additional settings & click on IP exclusions

You will see the box where you can exclude all the IP addresses & subnets

Copy and Paste the IP address and save the settings.

How to find the IP address of specific ISP

Go to

Enter the URL of ISP in the field and click submit

You will see the list of subnet ISP. Copy them all and paste in the IP exclusion section in the Google Ads Settings.

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