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Every developer should follow these rules for creating a successful website


Successful Website!!! What is that?

If you are a developer who is building a website or a client who wants to build a website for business purposes make sure to keep the following rules in mind for a successful and interactive website. It doesn’t matter if your website is just a small blog or an organization if you don’t follow the guidance you are more likely to fail.


The primary rule is to follow the following rules:

Rule 1: Make your website & webpages load faster (everyone loves if work is fast). A proper SEO is always necessary for better web optimization. Make sure your website is SEO friendly. Read why you must engage in the SEO of your website immediately after development.


Rule 2: Keep it simple. Simple is always beautiful. Create a simple yet highly interactive and responsive design. Avoid domain names with hyphens between words (for eg. Use .com top-level domain as far as applicable. As mentioned by Nepguru, 90% of websites in Nepal today don’t focus on elevated design and structure.


Rule 3: Don’t be smart. Take the necessary security precautions. Your website a likely to get hacked or get a man-in-middle attack or even D-DOS. E-commerce & Booking websites with transaction systems integrated within are most likely to get these kinds of attacks. Make sure your website is well backed up and safe. Get yourself a good host who provides 24/7 support or else face the consequences. Get an SSL certificate for extra precautions. Every successful website needs an SSL certification.


Rule 4: Your website might break at some point or your web pages might stop displaying content due to some error. This might have caused due to some plugins or bugs in the source code. Make sure you are well aware of possible errors & be able to fix them in no time.


Rule 5: If your website is a business site always keep in mind to follow brick and mortar rules. Plan ahead built tactics and execute. A business without a plan is like jumping in a well with no help to come out. Planning might include the current plan, after a month, after 6 months, or after a year according to your business needs.


Rule 6: Get to social media. Yes! Get to social engagements right after you have built your website and start promoting. Collect emails of customers, competitors, or visitors and make a list. You will be in need of these once you start the email marketing of your business.


Rule 7: Create well-optimized content for your website. Quality content will gain you more visitors and better rankings in search engines. Never even think of copying content from other sites and editing it. It’s a bad idea and Google already knows your content is copied. You can’t fool Google.


Rule 8: Consistency is crucial. Successful websites don’t just come in your lap. Engage with your visitors. Reply to their comments and impress them. The more trust you provide them the more are the chances of them returning to your website. You might as well get good reviews socially.


Rule 9: Okay! Your niche is highly competitive. Let’s take Pest Control. Don’t panic. Do a competitor analysis and extract their key points for being successful. Make a list of these key points and think of ideas to deliver better resources than them and start immediately to work with it. The most dangerous thing to lose is hope. Make sure you don’t lose it.


Rule 10: Make it easy for your visitors to contact you. Create a contact page with all your contact details or include it in the site header. You can deploy a chatbot on the website for quick visitor questions. The one thing you should always avoid is lying to your visitors. Be professional and act professionally.

If you follow up on the above-mentioned rules (more like guidance) you are quite sure to succeed. A website should provide resources not to consume it.

If you are a client looking to build a very responsive, creative & successful website and go online feel free to contact us here.

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