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Simplify360 – A Complete Social CRM Software For Your Business


Digital Marketing ‘ The Trend’ Simplified

Simplify360 is here for you and only you. Digital Marketing is something people today are most concerned about. Digital Marketing metrics are driving people crazy. Comparing the data of 2016 to 2019, the growth in Social Media, Content Creation, SEO, and Website has increased by almost 70%. Search Engines drive around 93% of all website traffic Quality Content to boost your website ranking by almost 2000% and finally Digital Marketing through Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. and Google Ads brings almost every other remaining traffic. Cool Right! But not as easy as you think. It takes a lot of effort, lots of strategic planning, and a whole bunch of resources & tools.

Popular Online Marketers Neil Patel & Matthew Woodward recently released the matrices of Instagram traffic and they are bad. Gaining traffic via Instagram is turning out to be not as effective as other Social Channels. To bring you the most out of Digital Marketing and its social signals we have released our all in one software. Software that will help you boost your traffic by 100% from every channel. Software that will help you built a strategy, a software that is simple to use. We present you with “Simplify360.”

Why Choose Simplify360?

Simplify360 is a Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software developed by an enthusiastic and innovative team from Nepal & India. In a short period of time, we were able to gain the trust of millions of customers around the globe. Our official partners and clients include TATA | sky, OLA, Viacom 18, Star, Red Chilies Entertainment, Birla Sun Life Insurance, Exide Life Insurance, etc. Our software provides a wide variety of features including Enhanced Keyword Monitoring, Multi-level Tagging, Customizable Contact Management, CSAT/NPS, Subquery Level Visualization, Content Performance Management, Advanced-Data & Competitor analysis and many more within a single system.

After analyzing years of data from different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and every social media channel we have developed this software which will not only help you boost your traffic & sales but also maintain all your accounts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. within a single application. Now you don’t have to maintain a monthly calendar or compare data & sales of your competitors manually. Simplify360 will take care of everything for you. Online Marketing just got a whole lot easier.

Simplify360 provides you with real-time marketing insights and analytics. Now, more than ever you don’t have to worry about customer satisfaction or ROI (Return on Investment). Branding your product was never this easier. Our enthusiastic team will personally look into your business statistics and how you can execute your perfect plan successfully.

Already doing well. Don’t want it?

After a decade of research, analysis, and collaboration with Google and Social Channels we have released one of the best CRM software in the world at an affordable price for everyone. Okay! You have maintained your digital marketing strategy well and you are getting good ROI from it. But that should not be it. Reason? Google and Facebook algorithms are changing almost every month. With every new update comes a new threat to your business. Google snaps his finger and that’s the end of your business., one of the top bitcoins & investment companies with monthly traffic of over 10 Million is on the brink of going down due to Google’s core update in July. The same goes for Facebook. Every time Zuckerberg rolls out a new update, you are likely to get hit. A minor change can cause all your customers to drive away. You surely don’t want that, do you?

Simplify360 will protect you from all these threats. How? We are in direct relationship and communication with all of the social networks. And as soon as the new update is to be released, we can inform you in no time. You will always have enough time to brace yourselves. Prevention is always better than cure.

Data is power. With enough data in your hand, you can revolutionize your business to the world. Simplify360 will provide you with that data. A data collected from various sources over years. How you use it to promote and grow your business is up to you. Using simplify360 for your business might not seem like to be a good idea but not using is definitely a bad idea. With everything in your hand, what are you waiting for? Contact us at our official site or at Podamibe Nepal and we will get you started immediately.

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