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The Smart Gateway | Instant and Secure Payment Solutions with Multiple Gateways


Smart Gateway allows consumers/customers to perform direct financial transactions by choosing their favorite payment portal over the internet. It is a channel that connects your bank/eSewa/Khalti account to the platform where you need to transfer your money.

Smart Gateway provides one door online payment solution within the merchants. With multiple payment portals, you can provide your consumers a faster, trustworthy and more convenient online transaction.

Our smart gateway includes the following payment portals:

Connect IPS, Fonepay, eSewa, Khalti and Master Card.


Smart Gateway is a complete payment platform that offers various online payment methods, such as eSewa, Khalti, Fonepay, Connect IPS, Master Card (integrated NIC ASIA and Nabil Bank Payment Portals). Every person has their own needs, wishes, preferences in every sector. In the case of financial transaction, one customer may want to build their cash back points with their favorite payment portal for example, eSewa. Similarly, another customer may only trust another payment portal for example, Connect IPS. If customers can’t find their preferred payment portal, then there will be the chances of getting abandonment their shopping carts. Our smart gateway lets you customize more payments for more customers.

Reasons for Abandonments During Online Payment

  • Forced account creation
  • Too long and complicated checkout process
  • Trust issues on sharing personal card information
  • Lots of errors and crashes
  • Confirmation was too slow etc.

Our smart gateway avoids all the above reasons and helps the merchant to grow their business rapidly and earn more profit.


The following are the basic steps showing how payment gateway works:

  1. A customer places order and submits through website or any platforms.
  2. The website takes the customer to a payment gateway where he/she can choose one of the payment gateways. Then, payment gateway redirects customer to the issuing mode page.
  3. Customer is allowed to login on that module and pay online.
  4. Once the process is approved, the service provider checks the transaction and completes the order. Also, the customer gets order completion message.