Web Shop with Repair Tracking and Inventory


Web Shop with Repair Tracking and Inventory

Repair Shop with Tracking System is our latest web app. It was designed and developed after studying the clients requirements. A combination of a Management Information System and a Shopping Site, the web based application was created to manage all the new repairs that come into the shop after which they are assigned to a technician for repairs. Customers are given a barcode so they can view the current status of the repairs via the device. Your company can manage the client accounts, company stock and the shopping site using this app. It streamlines the process of booking in repairs for the clients, as well as managing them throughout the repair process, letting them know how much has been done or is left to complete. Repair Shop With Tracking System is suitable for a wide range of companies, like computer repair shops, mobile repair services, etc. The app has several different profiles and can be customized to suit your business.

Overview of the four phases:

The first phase, the customers brings their respective electronic devices to the concerned shops where their devices are checked, monitored and errors or physical damage are entered. Entries are made accordingly about the customers and the devices as they are given barcode they can check their device’s progress at anytime they prefer.

In phase two, the device are monitored and repaired accordingly.

In phase three, the devices are tested for more than once and verified accordingly.

In the last phase, after the devices are tested accordingly, the clients will be informed and at their convenience or preferable time they visit to collect it.

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