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Website development is the process of developing a website for the internet (web) or an Intranet (a Private Network). Web development can be as simple as the development of a static website to a complex web application that includes the database of a whole country. A website is created using some programming languages like C, C++, Java, PHP, etc.

Ever since the web is commercialized, the web development industry has grown to a further extent. The major cause of this growth is the businesses planning to advertise their business online all over the internet to sell their services and products. Web development is carried out in two steps: Front-end development & Back-end development. With the utilization of various open-source tools like Glassfish, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), BerkeleyDB, etc., web development has leveled up.

Website Development in Nepal is simple yet complicated. It is important for any business today to have a website, but designing and developing stunning websites that are responsive and easy to navigate is most important. You need a website that not only presents information but sells, a way to express your services and products to the world so they gain trust in you. People do not buy everything they see on the internet.

We, at Podamibe Nepal, will help you to build your audience. We will create your website from scratch using the latest technologies and most importantly, we will get you what you need. From creating a brand new SEO-friendly website to upgrading your current code and designing a more original version, we will help you develop.

Why Website Development in Nepal?

Website development is a process that requires a lot of planning, designing, analysis, implementation, testing, and maintaining the modules of the system. As per many website development companies, website development is not as easy as it seems to be. It might seem easy to create a website using a developed CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress or Wix with lower cost and within less time.  However, these websites are applicable only for small businesses, portfolios, or blogs. Also, these websites do not have higher security compared to fresh code-written websites.

As per the latest article of Search Engine Journal, hackers are using WordPress plugins to gain access to the website, which means if you have a transaction system (like, e-commerce website) implemented within your website this is a major threat. Hackers can easily steal all your money without you even knowing. Therefore, while developing a website, you might want to take these factors into account, follow the book of Web Development Life Cycle (WDLC) otherwise, you are the only one to blame.

It would be completely wrong to say these websites are invaluable or not worth considering, but why take the risk when you do not have to. At Podamibe, we will develop a website with the implementation of best in the world security measures.

Types of Websites

We develop various kinds of websites as per the user requirements. These websites include:

Static Websites

Static websites have web pages that contain only fixed content. This means you can’t change or edit those content like text, images, videos, etc., dynamically from CMS. Static websites are easy to create which display the same content for every visitor. The CMS (Content Management System) will not be implemented on these websites. These websites are useful if you have fixed content and don’t want to change it over and over again.

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic websites are CMS based website, which has a dynamic page. It provides the back-end dashboard to change all your website designs, contents, images, etc. A well-developed dynamic website is capable of showing different content to different users providing them a better user experience. For Example, a Pest Control service providers’ business website.

News Portals

News portals are complete news-based dynamic websites, which provide the latest, hot, and trending news for visitors. The news portal is one of the famous websites in Nepal. Some of the famous news portals in Nepal are Ratopati, Setopati, Kantipur,  etc.

E-commerce Websites

E-commerce websites provide online transactions of goods and services through means of transfer of funds and information over the internet. E-commerce was done over the phone call or emails in the past but as the technology evolved, so does the e-commerce business. Some of the top e-commerce websites around the world are Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, etc.

Blog Websites

Blog websites are created and maintained to share personal thoughts and preferences around the world. A blogger will post articles, journals, news, and updates based on something going on in their lives, businesses, or around the world with their personal opinions on the blog. Some of the famous blog types are Fashion blogs, Travel blogs, Lifestyle blogs, Music blogs, Sports blogs, etc.

Personal Websites

Personal websites are the sites that are created by an individual to share personal nature contents instead of the content related to any organization. On a personal website, the domain name will be provided by domain registrars free of charge, which can be used as an online directory of your family photos, videos, or portfolio. As provided by mercantile communication in Nepal, a free personal website domain might look like A personal website can help reach out to the world and gain more fame.

 Directory Websites

A directory website is an online directory of businesses, places, locations, and their services encompassed within a single system. In other term, we call them yellow pages. Some of the world-famous online directories are yellowpagesbusiness listYelp, etc. Search Engines like Google and Yahoo are also considered as a directory.

Community/Informational Websites

Community/Informational websites include social websites, forums, or sharing websites. These websites are built within the system that allows users to log in and sign up. Upon sign-up, visitors can create and share topics, information, and the latest trends with others. Some of the famous community websites are Stack OverflowReddit, and Quora. An example of an informational website might include Wikipedia.

While carrying out website development in Nepal, one thing is to be kept in mind that what type of website are we creating and who the target audience is. A website without a purpose is a ship lost on the horizon.

Web Development Life Cycle (WDLC):

Successful website development takes a proper following of WDLC. Every single detail within the website needs to be analyzed. A website development process includes the following phases:

Requirement Analysis

The first step of the Web Development Life Cycle (WDLC) is the identification of the clients’ requirements. A web developer needs to have a clear idea about what he/she is expected to develop. Considerations might include:

  • What is the purpose of the website?
  • What are the Services/Products of the website?

A website is developed to target a certain kind of audience. If it’s a news portal, it will target people with interests in the news. If it’s a sports channel, it will target people who are interested in sports and games. These kinds of details need to be analyzed at the start of the project.


Planning of design and strategy is the next step in WDLC. We develop multiple designs for the website & let the client choose from them and proceed according to their choice. A sitemap is necessary for keeping records of websites’ activities. We break the website into modules and proceed with the designing & development of each module with the best possible interface. Create a wireframe so it shows us an outline of all the pages of the website. A client’s involvement is necessary for planning the blueprint of the website so that nothing is left out and goes according to user requirements.


Start with designing the prototype of the website. A web design should have the best user interface and be easy to navigate. From color combination to topography and animation everything should be perfect. A website logo is essential for the branding of the product. A client should be presented with the created design and proceeded accordingly. Other features that make an amazing web design include a pop-up menu, drop-down, graphics, etc. as per clients’ requirements.


In this stage, the website is built with the current design maintaining all aspects of the website. A successfully developed website should:

  • Meet all the clients’ requirements.
  • Should be split into modules. In case of any errors, a developer should be able to access a certain module and correct the error
  • Should target the specified audience
  • Should have an easy-to-use dashboard for clients’ to change the content from.

Testing: After the successful completion of web development, it is tested. It is tested for bugs, errors, compatibility, mobile interface, quality assurance, and code update. In case of any such issues, the website is immediately optimized. The testing processes include system testing, unit testing, integration testing, load testing, scalability, cross-browser testing, resolution testing, etc.

Maintenance: Maintenance & updating of the website according to user feedback & comments are necessary. Post-deployment activities include maintaining the servers, keep the content optimized and prevent the website from going down.

Best Web of Development Company in Nepal

Podamibe Nepal is one of the most trustworthy web development companies in Nepal that will take care of all your needs and requirements. If you are planning to develop a website for your business that will serve you best and help your business gain fame through World Wide Web (WWW), we will help you create it and drive you to the best possible solution. Contact us now and we will get you started right away.