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Office Management System


Office Management System allows user to manage your office documents, register employee’s detail, register assets and manage all the transaction details.

The main objective of this system is to manage the office activities through this system within a minute. The Office Management System gathers and stores all the important documents such as Contracts, Receipts, Bills, Cheque, Legal Documents, Employee Documents, Reports, and Other Documents. This system is user-friendly and error-free which reduces paperwork and manual workload for any organization.

Currently, Podamibe Nepal is working on Office Management System.

The system includes the following features:

  • Employee Registration
  • Assets Registration
  • Transaction Entry
  • Upload Documents like Receipt, Employees Documents, Reports, Contract, Cheque, Legal Documents, Bills and Other Documents
  • Reporting

Why the Office Management System Important for Organization?

Office Management System plays a vital role to achieve organizational goals and helps to improve all the organizational performance and activities. With the help of the Office Management System, you can find all your documents and documents related to the employee (party/person) in one place.

Some importance of the System is given below:

  1. Achieve Goal
    With the help of the system, you can improve your organizational workflow, reduce manual workload, time and cost and achieve the goal.
  1. Increase Organizational Productivity
    It helps in improving office activities and increasing productivity.
  1. Improve Work Flow
    It automates all the working processes and reduces manual errors which help to improve the workflow of the organization/office.
  1. Minimize Cost
    The system uses financial, human, and other resources effectively without wastage which helps to reduce unnecessary extra cost.
  1. Accept New Challenge
    Any organization should accept new challenges to grow the business and achieve goals. This system helps users to research and implement new technology.
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