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Kennel Management


Kennel Management System is easy yet powerful system developed for the any Kennel house, which helps for the effective management. The kennel Management system is helps any kennel house to keep the track of various activities like vaccination, treatment, mating and Training. The management system is very useful for recording the cases, assigning it to various technicians, doctors and creating a reminder for follow up. The management system also has an inbuilt inventory system. The inventory management helps to keep the record of stock of various good including medicines, vaccine etc.

We record of every little detail relating to the pets and kennel, including the vaccine given to the dogs, their breeds, their cost (if they are to be sold), their weight and name when necessary. We maintain accurate database regarding all the operation of the kennel and dogs specially.

Kennel Management is an offline management system used by The Kennel Club as their in-house management system. The Kennel Management is a customer focused system which also sends an alert to customer for the follow up and vaccination via email and SMS.

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