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Inventory Management System


Inventory Management System is used to manage all the inventories/stocks (in/outflow) of any organization. It stores general organization profile, sales details, purchase details, updates inventory based on the total sales, generates sales and inventory reports on a daily/weekly basis.

The system automates the transactions and reduces manual errors at the time of stock recording. It also tracks the large shipment of inventories.

It allows users/customers to define a minimum number of quantities to be ordered by the stock department. A new inventory/stock is created and entitled with the name and the entry date of that stock/inventory which can also be updated any time when required according to the sales. It helps to prevent any organization from the threads and misuse of inventory.

In other words, an Inventory management system combines the use of inventory software, barcode scanners, barcode printers. It provides product and service-oriented companies with the tools they need to easily and efficiently track inventory or stock. A system with barcode technology saves your time & money in any banking or financial services, organization, and government.

Recently, Podamibe Nepal just completed developing this Inventory Management System

Our software, integrated with the latest hardware, allows banking corporations and other organizations to increase their operational efficiency and profitability using barcodes. You need to maintain an accurate inventory of your valuable fixed assets, including computers, phones, office equipment, and office furniture.

Some organizations need to count fixed assets once or twice a year but are discouraged by the complexity and time required. The use of barcode asset tags greatly simplifies the process, taking only one-tenth of the time and providing a more accurate count.

What are the advantages of the Inventory Management System?

Here are few advantages of the system:

  • Minimize Storage Costs
  • Minimize Losses
  • Better Inventory Planning and Ordering
  • Improve Order Accuracy
  • Boost Product Availability
  • Save Time and Money
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