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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System


Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) uses already recorded share news, share gossips, share interviews, share education and provides latest share market related podcast to the customers/users with the use of a mobile keypad.

Podamibe Nepal has developed an IVR system, which interacts with users/customers by using pre-recorded voice and DTMF (dual-tone multi-frequency) tones input via a keypad. Use this automated customer support system and identify your valuable customers.

Currently, we have implemented an Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) for Merolagani Podcast Services. With the use of the IVR system, customers/users can get knowledge about share news. You can dial 17174 and subscribe to the services.

How Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) Works?

  1. A mobile user initiates the service and dials 17174 for podcast services.
  2. IVR System responds to the user’s request and provides the subscription plans.
  3. The user chooses the required subscription plan and submits the selected subscription plans.
  4. IVR System verifies the mobile user’s current balance.
  5. If the mobile user’s current account balance is sufficient, then the IVR system accepts the subscription plans.
  6. Once the subscription request is verified, the IVR system provides access to customers/users on podcast services. And, then the users/customers can have access to podcast services.
  7. The customers/users enjoy the merolagani podcast services with the help of the IVR System.


Why Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) is Important to Your Business?

Interactive Voice Response System plays a vital role to increase your customers and boost your transactions as it is the self-service portal of your business. Every business requires an effective customer support system, and it depends on how well you bring the customer satisfaction level to a meaningful point by giving value to the customer’s time and providing them with a useful solution.

  1. IVR Handles Large Volume of Calls

IVR is the most useful platform to handle multiple calls. Customers do not have to connect with live agents for their queries, they can press a couple of buttons and solve their queries themselves with the help of the IVR system.

  1. IVR System Promotes the Brand

IVR plays a vital role to boost your sales and make the brand of your business. IVR system carries the automated/pre-recorded voice which is used to interact with different customers.

  1. Customers Involvement in Real-time

Customer engagement is essential to growing any business/service. IVR helps to provide a customer engagement platform for the business.

  1. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System Directly Redirects Customers to the Right Department and Agent

Customers/users want to talk with a particular agent or want to connect with a specific department. The IVR system helps to connect customers and specific departments with just a few presses of buttons. The customers (caller) can easily connect to their favorite department.

  1. IVR System Provides Customer Satisfaction

IVR system is a self-service portal which helps customers/users to find a solution or answer on their own without talking with staff/agent.

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