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Facebook Ads with Custom Audience Targeting


The concept of Facebook advertising is growing in the market. Many new and existing businesses are moving towards the trend of digital advertising. While there are many opportunities a Facebook ad will provide to your small-scale business or a large corporation, advertisers are still unaware of them. People still take facebook boosting as advertising which is not wrong in common sense. A well-targeted Facebook ad can be a great asset to your marketing plan then just boosting.

Facebook Ad Goals

You can create a Facebook ad with the following marketing goals and considerations:

  • Traffic
  • Lead Generation
  • Messages
  • Video views
  • App installs
  • Engagements

It is considered, the more detailed you go in your marketing plan, the more conversions you will acquire. In this article, I am going the explain how to target your custom audience in Facebook ads.

The process of custom audience targeting in Google has too many complications like you must spend at least $50000 and your account must be a year or elder. Now, this type of campaign is way far away for new advertisers. However, Facebook is a savior. You can create Facebook ads with any custom audience with emails and phone numbers and run your ad instantly. Let get to it.

Suppose you have a list of phone numbers or email and want to create an ad targeting only those specific contacts. Though the reach will be low as you are only targeting a limited amount of audience, we have seen the ad to be more effective. For example, you have a list of 1 million emails. Now you can target only these emails and around 1-10% of lookalike emails with similar interests. The point is you are not going out of your audience goal & leading the conversion to be higher.

Creating a custom Facebook audience

  • Go to Facebook Business Manager (
  • Create a Business account
  • Click On Business Manager on the top left cornor
  • Click on Audiences under assets
  • On the left, click on create audience  and custom audience

Now you can choose the source of your custom audience. You may have created your audience with user signups into your website or offline activities like user name and phone number collection. You can choose any of the sources and get started with it. For now, let’s choose the customer list assuming we have a list of thousands of customers that visited our office.

custom audience

Once you click on it, you will see a message –

“Before the list is sent to Facebook for your audience to be created, we use a cryptographic security method known as hashing, which turns the identifiers into randomized code and cannot be reversed.”

This means your audience list will be turned into identifiers and those audiences will only be recognized with those identifiers and this process is irreversible.

Here you will see the list of identifiers facebook use to identify the audience details. There are in total 15 identifiers including first name, last name, phone, email, address, etc. For now, I will be uploading a list of customer’s details within a CSV file.

facebook indentifiers

  • Click on Next
  • Select Column with Yes and click Next
  • Upload a CSV file with customers details and Click Next

uploading customer list

  • Select customer value and click Next
  • Preview your map data and click upload

After you have successfully uploaded the list, Facebook will take some time to hash ta list convert them into identifiers and generate the users in Facebook. This process might take up to an hour depending upon your list size. You can also use this list in any of your Facebook ads.

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