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Eupsale Multivendor Online Store | Electronic Business


EupSale Multi-Vendor Online is known as an electronic business, which allows users/customers to sell and buy products/services over the internet. Eupsale is the easy and more convenient way of shopping, anyone can order everything from their home with the help of few buttons. With the use of EupSale, you can shop from anywhere and anytime by using your mobile device.

Now, you can search for any products or services in this online store without having to go physically. Multiple payment portals like eSewa, Khalti, Connect IPS and Fonepay have been integrated into this system. Users can pay their bills directly using these payment portals.

It leads to benefits like the point of sale integration (eliminate manual entry of data to save time without errors, provide accurate inventory levels to avoid overselling), automatically notify customers when orders have shipped, etc.

What are the advantages of EupSale?

Some advantages of EupSale are listed below:

  1. Available Anytime

It allows its customer to search and shop anytime from anywhere with a few clicks. It also eliminates travel costs for the customers.

  1. Easy Access

If any customers want to go physically for their shopping, it may hard to determine their preferences in one store. However, in EupSale, customers/visitors can search product pages and find their favorite products immediately.

  1. Lower Cost

It reduces the physical store’s cost, such as rent, cashier cost, sales staff cost, warehouse costs.

  1. Product Recommendation

This online store tracks customer’s/visitor’s search and purchase history, which can be used for product recommendations. For example, visitors can check “Most Sold Products” “Recommended Products” on the Eupsale website.

  1. Adequate Information

It lists all the product information like product size, color, model, brand, discount detail, price, etc. Through the internet, customers can get their queries clarified and track their shipping status when the products are being shipped to them. If any doubts arise, then customers can easily contact through the Eupsale website.

  1. Multiple Payment Gateways

It has multiple payment portals they are, Connect IPS, Fonepay, Khalti, and eSewa. With the use of these payment portals, you can provide your consumers a faster, trustworthy, and more convenient online transaction.


Reasons for Abandonments During Online Payment

  • Forced account creation
  • The too long and complicated checkout process
  • I didn’t trust the site with my card information
  • Lots of errors and crashes
  • Confirmation was too slow etc.

Our Eupsale avoids all the above reasons and makes your customer happy.

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