Lab Information Management System


The Laboratory Management system is a web application developed for keeping the record of all the test that are done in laboratory. Here a sample is brought to lab. It is recorded and sent to various department depending upon the test to be done. After that it is assigned to various lab technician of related department. Lab test is done on the sample and the recorded is kept. And the test result is generated on the basis of test result entered by lab technicians.

All the result are collected and the report is generated whenever required.

Our value proposal is enhanced by the industry’s most distinctive licensing approach. The system is measurable as it is suitable for a lab as it is for an enterprise.

  • Laboratory information management system helps labs to produce accurate results faster and more reliably.
  • Data can be easily stored, tracked, and assessed over time and across experiments so that labs can evaluate and improve operational efficiency.
  • Provides distinct information of samples, tests, and results for next-generation labs.
  • Integrate different users with role-based interfaces to optimize lab efficiency.
  • It’s easy for lab staff to configure and customize.
  • It has out-of-the-box reports as well as the ability to create custom reports.
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